Sunday, January 27, 2013

Threads, Threads and More Threads

This is a whole minefield of colour and textures and types.  Now you can go into places like Hobbycraft here in the U.K. and buy really inexpensive, okay cheap, threads.  They generally come in packets of 12 different colours but the problem is if you run out of the colour you are using and think you can get it again you probably won't be able to because they are so inexpensive they can't repeat the same dye lots again.  I'm not dissing them exactly because if you have a small project you are going to be doing they might be exacty what you want and can afford and better inexpensive and be able to do what you want than more expensive and you can't.

There are a whole myriad of different threads you can buy.  Now I used to always buy my fabrics and threads from the US but now with their huge hike in postage costs as well as having to pay Tax + the £8.00 handling fee when what you have bought arrive here from the US it really isn't worth it anymore.

Luckily enough we have a wonderful store here in England that has almost every thread made and known to man, woman and child and the shop is called Sew & So and their service is superb.  I don't work for them I'm just a very happy customer who has been buying from them on and off for years.  There are other companies that sell treads in this country that give you just as good service but I found Sew and So first and have just stayed and purchased from them only because if you get good service I find it pays to stay with that company.


I am not going to show you every thread because there are just too many companies popping up that I don't even know about but I'm going to show you first:

Cotton Threads: There are plain threads provided by DMC and Anchor.  Both companies make a huge range of threads and when you buy a colur from one of their ranges you know that every single time you purchase the same number thread you are going to get the same colour.  So if you run out of a colour near the end of a project you know 100% that you will get the same colour if our order the same numer from the same company.
DMC - this is my favourite thread
and it costs £0.71 per skein
This is Anchor Threads and they are £0.77 per skein

Then there are cotton threads that have been hand-dyed to be variegated in either colour going from very light to very dark or from one colour to another.  These are some of the companies that make them:

Drangon Floss which is £1.25 a skein
Dinky dyes make variegaged threads
in both cotton and silk.
Cotton is £1.88 a skein
Silk is £2.81 a skein
My favourite which is made by
Threadworx and is £3.24 a skein
but is 4 times longer than any other thread
There are more variegated threads but I wanted you to see these cottons.  There are also hand-dyed silk threads which are wonderful to work with as well as solid silks which are also amazing to work with but very expensive.  I have two projects that I have kitted up with silk threads and haven't even been started.  Boy what a wastrel I am.

The easiest thing is to go to all the companies websites and see what they do.  Just don't compare the prices between what they charge in the US and what they charge here.  Don't forget that the prices you are seeing in the States are prices before Taxes.  That's right taxes in the plural.  In almost every city you will have to pay City Tax, State Tax and Federal Tax and all prices quoted in the States are pre-tax prices.  I used to get really cross about the fact that they paid so much less than we do but in actual fact they generally don't.  Please also don't forgot that the stores that bring in have to pay the postage costs plus 20% VAT and the dreaded £8.00 handling fee which is what I, personally, hate.  The VAT I would pay here anyway as it is calculated in with the price you pay here but not the £8.00 handling charge.

Well the last post will be on fabrics and I shall try and do this by Wednesday of next week.

I hope this helps you and if you want to see what the various different manufacturers have to order just Google their names and have a look.

Until Next Time
Lots of Love
Patti xxx

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Anna van Schurman said...

The feds don't actually tax our goods. States have the base and some cities/towns have additional taxes (only in some states). Actually there are a handful of states that have no tax on consumer goods at all (Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon). And in most places we're talking a couple of cents on the dollar.

Alejandra said...

que linda compra!!!! te felicito!!!!!

Nicola said...

I cannot beleive that I have not found your blog before especially as you are based in the UK. Looking forward to following. I too am a HUGE fan of the Millennium frame and have it in all sizes plus some custom made ones too.